What is The Viral Laboratory?


vi-rus |: the causative agent of infectious success and contagious support.


vi-ral | : quickly and widely spread, popularized and patronized.


The Viral Laboratory’s mission is simple: 


Provide visibility and exposure to artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, service providers, athletes and anyone else that deserves to be seen and get the word out to the rest of the world!  


We are in the business of creating a viral buzz surrounding YOU.


We have harnessed the power of social media to bring about necessary political and socio-economic change. 


Change that is necessary.  Change that provides equal opportunity and levels the playing field.  Part of that change involves recognizing, highlighting and patronizing black-owned talent and entities. 


Our goal is to be among those shifting the paradigm and fighting for the cause.


Our mission is to provide a platform run by us, with us in mind.  The priority being to showcase black talent, black business, black art, black creativity….while fostering the support and patronage of our own communities.